How to Take Rough Shower Glass Measurements

Ideally, you would want to measure the width after your tile, marble, granite or solid surface finish work is complete. But, if you are looking to obtain a quick project quote prior to the finish work stage – that is OK, final measurements will be taken by our professional staff prior to the fabrication of your shower glass.

Measure the desired height of the door(s) and/or panel(s). If the tiles in your shower don’t extend all the way to the ceiling, use the top of the tiles as the line for the top of the shower door. If your tilework is not in, or if your tilework extends to the ceiling, you can stop the height where you like, just make sure the glass is at least above the level of the shower-head.

Measure the width of the opening(s), allowing 26″ to 32″ for each door. If you will have sliders, measure and submit the entire width of the opening. If there are no angles or glass returning back to the wall, you may also submit the entire width as one measurement. byRoman will determine the door width and/or panel width(s). If you have a panel and door full return, panel and door inline, panel and door knee wall return or a neo angle, there are multiple “panes” to measure – write down the width of each, working left to right.

  1. In Quick Quote (step 1), find and click on the shower configuration most like your own. A larger image of that configuration will appear to the right. Letters, labeled A up to F will indicate the measurements needed.
  2. Note the measurements needed for your configuration, or print out the labeled image.
  3. Measure to the nearest inch, rounding up.
  4. Enter your measurements on byRoman’s Quick Quote form (step 2)

It’s expected and OK for the measurements to be rough approximations or for your configuration and measurements to require adjusting. byRoman will ensure the best configuration for aesthetic appeal, proper fabrication and a water tight fit. Prior to any work being started, a byRoman professional will come to your home to meet with you, take final measurements and confirm your glass and hardware choices. If you need additional help call 1-877-652-0841 between 8:30 – 4:30 Monday through Friday or email